Interesting game, Solana, Metaverse and Bitcoin predictions for 2022, according to CoinList poll

A new report from the trading platform CoinList analyzed the future of the crypto industry after polling nearly 5,000 of its users.

Participants were asked about various topics such as the dominance of certain blockchain platforms or the use cases of NFT, and they showed that the market has high expectations for 2022.

The market thinks we have an interesting year ahead

In its year-end cryptocurrency report, CoinList surveyed nearly 5,000 community members about Bitcoin price predictions, Tier 1 platforms, NFT use cases, and everything in between.

CoinList allows users to buy, trade and monetize new cryptocurrencies before listing them on other exchanges. It was one of the first platforms to offer new and exotic coins to users such as Filecoin (FILE), Flow (FLOW) and Solana (SOL). As such, CoinList also contributed to the popularity of these tokens in the past year.

When asked what projects they would like to be engaged in on CoinList next year, most users answered that these are gaming projects. At the same time, they are equally enthusiastic about the decentralized financial sector, because over 52% of those surveyed would like more DeFi tokens.

NFT lags far behind, with 41.6% of users supporting this asset, which won’t explode until 2021.

Types of Projects Users Want to Track on CoinList | Source: CoinList

Those who believe games are the future of the industry also share their views on which games will drive growth. According to the survey, Gods Unchained has great potential to become the most popular blockchain game next year, followed by Axie Infinity.

Most Popular Blockchain Game of 2022 | Source: CoinList

With even old tech giants like Facebook joining the frenzy, the market is confident that Metaverse environments and games will be the main use cases for NFT in the coming year.

Cases Main Use of NFT in 2022 | Source: CoinList

While survey participants acknowledge Ethereum’s leading position in DeFi, the survey shows that there is still significant demand for other blockchain platforms. More than half of respondents said they plan to maximize engagement with Solana by 2022.

Binance Smart Chain is the second most popular option, with over 48% of respondents saying they will be using it by 2022 next year.

This is followed by half a cadot with 47.8%. Recent Parachain auctions have put Polkadot at the top of the DeFi market this quarter. Additionally, scaling platforms like Polygon and Avalanche get 25% of the vote, while Cosmos and Terra get less than 20% of the vote.

NS Blockchain, which the user plans to make as interactive as possible in 2022 | Source: CoinList

Just because the market is focused on DeFi doesn’t mean it doesn’t want to interact with bitcoin. According to the survey, almost half of CoinList users believe that the price of bitcoins will be between $ 100,000 and $ 150,000 by 2022. More than 28% of respondents say it will remain below $ 100,000, and only 6.1% believe it will exceed $ 250,000.

Bitcoin Price in 2022 | Source: CoinList

El Salvador’s ambitious plans for bitcoin have led many to ponder the impact of the adoption of cryptocurrency as legal tender on other countries. More than 87% of respondents believe other central banks will follow in El Salvador’s footsteps and embrace digital assets as legal tender. Only 12.7% believe that this is a far-fetched idea, and it will not gain widespread acceptance.