Block allows app users to withdraw cash to give away BTC for the Christmas holidays

The block will allow Cash app users to give away BTC to other app users over Christmas as we can see more in our latest Bitcoin news today.

The Hard Cash app tweeted:

“With the Cash app, you can now deposit at least $ 1 in a safe or in bitcoins. It’s as easy as depositing cash and you don’t need to own stock or bitcoin to give it away. ”

An application owned by Block Digital Payments, formerly known as Sq. it has been known to have joined other services like Stockpile, Coinbase, PayPal so that users can donate shares and cryptocurrency to parties on Tuesday, but the Dollars app reports that this is the first time these features have been used in the proposed peer-to-peer payment app. Block the Cash app so you can also split bills and redeem your friends by sending them stocks or BTC, not just cash. Previous reports show that Income Application generated $ 1.82 billion in BTC revenue and $ 42 million in BTC gross profit in the third quarter of 2021, as both metrics are up 11% from last year, respectively, encouraging investors to invest and own stocks and BTC through the Money app.

Square Inc is reportedly a credit card reader company that changed its name to Block Inc to expand its services to blockchain, money transfers, and even music.

Changing the name of a payment giant co-founded by cryptocurrency supporters Jack Dorsey who stepped down as CEO of Twitter on December 10th.

As recently reported, Square released its Q1 2020 filings on May 6. These records show the income from using the Square Income app, which mostly comes from BTC. As crypto news now shows, even $ 306 million of the $ 528 million in revenue from the Funds app in the first quarter of the year came from Bitcoin. Hard Cash Application profit increased by 115% over the previous year. Speaking to investors on May 6, a Square team member stated that “effective customer acquisition” often means good marketing and ease of use.

SQ has experimented with a variety of crypto-based ideas, as we saw them back in November when they published a whitepaper for a decentralized exchange for trading bitcoin and other assets. Dorsey also said the company is considering creating bitcoin miners that will follow hardware wallets in development.