Solana is hit by a DDoS attack, but the network stays online

Solana was subjected to a DDOS attack that congested the network, but according to reports published in today’s altcoin news, she is still online.

Solana blockchain performance has been impacted by a distributed denial of service attack over the past 24 hours, but the network appears to be still online. DDoS attack refers to the large number of coordinated devices that flood the network with unwanted traffic, eventually bringing it offline. This is not the first time Solana has faced this problem. In September, it was closed for 17 hours, because the first DEX offer on the Raydium decentralized exchange on Solana was being offered in large quantities.

NS #Solana There were problems with the validator network this morning. TPS cannot start the network to process txn requests.
Remember, this is a blockchain ? If your txn-ID was transferred successfully, it will not be lost, it is just waiting to be processed. Growing pain is everything!

– GenesysGo.sol – Shadowy Enormous Coder DAO (@GenesysGo) December 9, 2021

The latest DDoS attack was reported by the Solana Blocksasset token platform after it discovered:

“We know it will take a long time to distribute tokens. Solana’s chain is overwhelmed with DDoS attacks that clog the network and result in delays. ”

GenesysGo, the infrastructure company Solana, said the authentication network was having trouble handling transaction requests, but called for calm, saying the problems were caused by mounting “pain.” At this point, the nature of the incident is still unclear as the Solana Foundation must confirm the attacks. Solana’s status is showing more power outages and is fully operational.

However, several accounts claim Solana is experiencing a global outage, and Veribit CEO Roy Murphy says Solana has gone down and disabled again while engineers work to reboot the system. … Members of the r / Solana subreddit stated that the network was overloaded due to another launch of IDO, and another user wrote: “Why is Raydium IDO clogging up the Solana network and what is being done about it?” The user continued:

“My biggest problem with Solana right now is the performance degradation of Raydium IDO Connected High Volume and launches. Literally all of the performance issues over the past 6 months, including the 17 hour break, were the result of Raydium implementation. ”

One of the group’s moderators did not confirm if Solana’s network problems were related to Raydium, but noted that they set up coordinated stop cards to keep Solana online after the outage.

“At the moment there is a gap in the priorities of the reconciliation operations, it takes time to prevent disruptions in general. However, this is verified.