SHIB prepares to launch the first cross-platform game: Report

SHIB is about to launch its cross-platform game as the latest offshoot of a project that is expected to drive adoption in the gaming industry, which we can learn more about in today’s crypto news.

Shiba Inu is expanding its presence in various industries and games and announced the release of a cross-platform game that owners can play with each other. To this end, the project was looking for an AAA game studio that could help bring this vision to life. The search was difficult and frustrating, but the meme coin has found the perfect partner at PlaySide Studios, so Sheeb is set to launch the game.

Official Announcement: Playside and Shiba Inu Online Games Sign Strategic Lease Agreement.

The Shiba Strategic Deal is a milestone-based, fixed-price deal to develop a multiplayer card game to be released on multiple platforms.

– Shib (@Shibtoken) December 8, 2021

Shiba Inu announced that they plan to develop a seven-number game and that online Shiba Inu games are being developed for this mission. In an announcement posted on Twitter, the team confirmed they are working with Australian studio PlaySdie and announced that they have signed a sizable eight-month developer contract to develop the game. PlaySide Studios is Australia’s largest publicly traded game developer and has worked with several other major players in the entertainment industry such as Warner Bros., Pixar and Disney.

Both sides expressed satisfaction with the agreement, which allows each project to expand into new territories. PlaySide CEO Jerry Saccas said:

“PlaySide continues to demonstrate its ability to work with leading companies in a variety of interactive entertainment sectors, including top influencers and global gaming brands. We are very interested in adding a new gaming application that has emerged in the NFT industry, a popular decentralized cryptocurrency and a token. ”

PlaySide Studios have released the game on many other platforms that will speed up the game’s deployment, and it will range from mobile, desktop and of course Metaverse. Shiba Inu announced that the main developers are working on “OshiVerse” and are discussing a new way to launch it on Shibarium, but the Metaverse project is still under development and will soon be deployed to the community. The game will also feature graphics from the popular Shibhoshi NFTs, while Shiba Inu will release a collection of functional cards as well as combat mechanics. The start of the game is scheduled for the first quarter of 2023. Playside said:

“New technologies are advancing faster and faster, and this is an ideal opportunity for PlaySide to work together in this area, expand our competence base and demonstrate our growth potential. The Shiba Inu gaming deal is also significant and highlights the depth of our experience as we continue to grow our business. “