USD 1.2M Bid Placed on NFT Piece by Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbricht

“Perspective” Ross Ulbricht. Source:

A snippet from the collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT), created by the founder of the Silk Road darknet market, Ross Ulbricht, has already received an offer for almost $ 1.2 million, and it is still a few days away.

Ulbricht, who is currently serving a double life without parole in a US federal prison, in its ninth year, previously announced that his collection would be available from December 2-8.

His work, titled Perspective, currently offers the highest rate of 261 ETH (US $ 1.2 million), with more than five days left for additional applications.

According to the SuperRare market, this current max bet is made by Thomas Anderson, aka the toxic bitcoin maxi, which seems to support Free Ross and Free [Julian] Assange’s movements.

“Perspective” is a graphite pencil drawing and part of a collection that includes essays and 10 works of art from Ulbricht’s early childhood to his prison years, as well as animation by Levitate. After the auction, the entire collection will be merged into a single NFT.

The proceeds from the auction will fund “a donor-sponsored foundation called Art4Giving, designed to alleviate the suffering of prisoners and their families,” for example, allowing people to travel to see their prisoners’ relatives, according to freeross. They will also fund a trust “dedicated to efforts to free Ross Ulbricht from prison life.”

Other works in the collection include Death (37 years old), The Test I Saw (31 years old), Are you looking at me? (17 years old), Hope the war is over (6 years old) and Mamina Dae (3 years old).

According In a tweet dated December 2, Ulbricht’s mother announced that PleasrDAO would place a 240 ETH bet, which does not appear to have happened. Now the DAOs will have to bet higher if they want to win. PleasrDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that recently acquired the one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang Clan album from the US government for $ 4 million.