What is billionaire Mark Cuban most looking forward to in the crypto space in 2022?

It’s no secret that billionaire Mark Cuban is optimistic about the cryptocurrency market and the technologies that surround it.

“Looking into 2022, I look forward to new and unique cryptographic applications that can replace current business processes and that smart contracts can change the world,” American investor Shark Tank told CNBC.

Smart contracts are digital agreements without intermediaries permanently stored on the blockchain that are essential for DeFi, Dapp, NFT and others.

This is not surprising, since Kubin has repeatedly mentioned his belief in smart contracts. In the past, it was even considered “Ethereum maxi” for its smart contract capabilities.

“I prefer Ether over Bitcoin because I see unlimited uses that will change the business world and users forever,” the Cubans tweeted on October 16, adding, “And to use them, you must buy ETH. ”

Shark Tank investor hopes to see more use cases for smart contracts in 2022. As an example, Cubans mentioned the possibility of carbon offset monetization using blockchain.

In theory, carbon offsetting should help offset your carbon footprint by funding environmental projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, some experts have expressed deep skepticism about carbon expansion joints in terms of their effectiveness and reliability.

Cryptocurrency critics also point to possible negative environmental impacts.

However, Cubaner sees potential for proven carbon offset and monetization using blockchain apps and tokens, he said. “I spoke with all of my companies that can offset their carbon emissions and discussed if they can start monetizing them.”

Kubin is an active investor in this area with a cryptocurrency portfolio that includes several cryptocurrencies, NFTs and investments in several blockchain companies.