A list of interested participants in an initial coin offering, who registered their intent to take part or purchase in a sale.

What Is a Whitelist?

Whitelist can take several different meanings in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Users who sign up to the mailing list of a certain cryptocurrency company are often asked to add the company’s emailing to their whitelists.

This is to prevent emails from going to users’ spam folders.

Cryptocurrency companies can also pay to be added to a whitelist of internet service providers.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, whitelists are most used in the context of ICOs, or in terms of withdrawal addresses.

Investors who want to participate in ICOs will normally be whitelisted after they provide their personal information.

Where withdrawal addresses are concerned, whitelist relates to a list of cryptocurrency addresses that are deemed trustworthy.

Only addresses that appear on such lists can withdraw funds from exchange accounts.