When Moon

A phrase used to ask when the price of cryptocurrencies will explode.

What Does When Moon Mean?

The moon plays a significant role when it comes to crypto culture.

If someone asks “when moon?”, they are probably an impatient trader who is desperate to find out when the value of a cryptocurrency is about to skyrocket.

The term gained traction in 2017 when Bitcoin staged a dramatic increase in value, and euphoria spread about what lay ahead for the crypto markets.

It is very common to hear crypto enthusiasts say: “Bitcoin has gone to the moon.”

Some cryptocurrency enthusiasts often joke that “Bitcoin to the moon” term could represent the time at which its price will be high enough to fund a return tourist ticket to and from the lunar surface.

Indeed, Scott Minerd, chief investment officer of Guggenheim Investments, said in December 2020 the value of Bitcoin should be around $400,000 based on its relative scarcity and relative value to gold.

The term “when moon” is also associated with amateur cryptocurrency investors who pile into the industry with the hope of achieving skyrocketing profits.

To illustrate an example, a cryptocurrency buyer may tweet: “I bought a bag of BTC at $22,000, when moon?”