A mixing service that helps make cryptocurrency funds and transactions more anonymous.

What Is a Tumbler?

Tumblers are responsible for breaking down transactions into smaller parts — and mixing them with others.

This makes transactions harder for third parties to hunt down.

Users deposit their coins into the tumbler’s pool. The tumbler will return each user the same number of coins, minus the fees. However, the funds received will be made up of a multitude of parts of the funds that other users have deposited into the system.

This helps to create a divide between the address sending crypto, and the one that is receiving it.

Tumblers usually do not ask for information about their users, ensuring anonymity.

As a result, tumblers are often accused of enabling illicit activities like money laundering, given that they make the anonymous applications of the Dark Web much more convenient and the jobs of law enforcement agencies more difficult.

However, tumbling cryptocurrency does not always carry suspicious motives.

Users who resort to mixing should bear in mind that tumblers’ manipulations carry a few dangers, notably the risk of hacking. In case of security holes, it would be easy for hackers to recover personal data or trace the origin of a user’s coins.