A scholarship is a popular practice in the Axie Infinity universe where managers lend their free Axies to new players (scholars) and earn passively from the battle rewards.

What Is a Scholarship/Scholar?

Scholarship in Axie Infinity is the process where managers lend their free Axies (digital pets) to “scholars,” who are new to the game and don’t have enough funds to make a team consisting of three NFT monsters required to play the game.  In the world of NFTs, the term “scholarship” was introduced by a game called Axie Infinity (AXS), the leading blockchain game with $2.5 billion sales so far. With more than 1 million daily active players, this play2earn game runs smoothly on both smartphones and desktop computers. Its overall gameplay is similar to the popular game, Pokemon Go, where there are digital pets, called Axies (not Pokemons). Players use these pets to battle against each other to earn in-game rewards.The scholars play the game using managers’ Axies and earn ‘Smooth Love Potions’ (SLP), the in-game currency that they can use later to breed new Axies and sell them to other players. They can also trade SLP for fiat. The in-game rewards earned by the scholars are shared with the managers who provided Axies to them. 

Scholarships in Axie Infinity are utilized mainly by two groups of people. The first group denotes the new players who don’t have funds (as described above), while the second group is of those who have become veterans and have a lot of Axies in their possession, however, they cannot utilize all of them to gain SLP. So, they lend these Axies out to scholars and earn passive rewards in the form of SLP.

Earnings are usually divided into different ratios, including 60/40, 50/50, or 70/30. To earn a scholarship in Axie Infinity, players have to search for managers of guilds that hire Axie scholars. Players can contact these managers and show their interest in getting the scholarship. Every guild has certain criteria which new players have to fulfill to become scholars, get their free Axies, and participate in the game to earn rewards.