A hypothetical scenario where Ethereum’s market cap overtakes Bitcoin’s.

What Is the Flippening?

A situation hoped for by Ethereum fans, where the total market cap of Ether surpasses the total market cap of Bitcoin.

The term was invented in 2017, and is a phrase describing the potential moment when ETH will become the world’s biggest cryptocurrency.

As it stands, Bitcoin, which was the first cryptocurrency to be invented, has the biggest market cap and is streets ahead.

The market cap of Bitcoin has plunged at certain points, particularly in early 2018. 

This gave rise to the idea that flippening may take place. 

A key factor that prompted speculation that a flippening would take place stemmed from the belief Ethereum provides greater flexibility and the added advantage of being able to write smart contracts. 

Some degree of internal flippening occurred in November 2019. 

The number of ERC-20 transactions exceeded the number of transactions completed using Ethereum itself.