MicroStrategy spent $ 82 million to get 1,434 Bitcoin, now they own 122,478 BTC

Business intelligence firm MicroStrategy, a NASDAQ-listed tech giant, continues to buy bitcoin, making another major purchase worth over $ 80 million.

MicroStrategy bought an additional 1,434 bitcoins for ~ $ 82.4 million in cash at an average price of ~ $ 57,477 each. #bitcoin… From 21.12.21 we have #hodl ~ 122,478 bitcoins were purchased for ~ $ 3.66 billion at an average price of $ 29,861 per bitcoin. $ MSTRhttps://t.co/Xke8QhoYpy

– Michael Saylor⚡️ (@saylor) December 9, 2021

MicroStrategy Buys $ 84 Million More Bitcoins

According to the latest regulatory filings, MicroStrategy acquired an additional 1,434 BTC between November 29 and December 8. This means there is no limit to what Bitcoin can be bought in one multi-million dollar purchase.

The average purchase price is $ 57,477, which is 13.5% lower than the bitcoins currently being traded. This means that the purchase was most likely made in the past week, as the price of BTC remained below $ 50,000 after the crash on Saturday. The company currently owns 122,478 BTC, which were purchased for $ 3.66 billion at an average price of just under $ 30,000.

At the current bitcoin price, this means that MicroStrategy’s entire BTC portfolio is now worth over $ 6 billion.