BTC Core developer Samuel Dobson is officially leaving Bitcoin Core

BTC Core developer Samuel Dobson is the second developer to leave Bitcoin Core in the past two months and announced on Twitter that he will retire in three years as he can no longer afford the time it takes after completing his PhD. Let’s find out more about this in today’s Bitcoin News.

As the maintainer of the main Bitcoin wallet, Dobson has pushed access to the cryptocurrency code to GitHub with enhanced authority to approve changes and make improvements to the BTC software, and is also responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the protocol.

When asked if there is a chance to return as the main developer of BTC, Dobson replied that Ph.D. is his main focus right now and he hasn’t decided what to do after a good industry, but he is not developing other cryptocurrencies.

I am officially leaving my position as Bitcoin Core Supervisor.

Working as a wallet maintenance technician for the past three years has been an absolute privilege for me, and I would like to thank my incredibly generous sponsor John Pfeffer (@jlppfeffer) for his continued support. / First

– Samuel Dobson (@meshcollider) December 9, 2021

Samuel Dobson noted that he is grateful for the support of generous donor John Pfeffer, and said that without him he would not have been able to prioritize working with BTC on a part-time basis. He urged the Twitter community to consider supporting developers due to the nature of open source projects. He also said:

“The development of Bitcoin Main has grown significantly since its origins in Satoshi. As an open source project, it will always be in an interesting and difficult funding position, but things like Brink, Chaincode, Spiral, and direct developer funding through GitHub have helped a lot. ”

Bitcoin has had two maintainers since October, and when Dobson left, the number of developers with access to Bitcoin’s code dropped to five, according to the latest report on the Bitcoin forums. As recently reported, Bitcoin developers are getting closer to implementing smart contracts in the protocol when they combine Schnorr’s proposal to improve the BIP-340 with Bitcoin’s core library. Gentle Fork is the next major update for Bitcoin after SegWit since its launch in 2017. The update will be backward compatible, so its usage will depend on demand from miners and users. Cryptocurrency expert Peter Wille has merged BTC’s support for Schnorr signatures, while the Taproot merger and smooth fork update were important steps in the implementation of smart contracts on the Bitcoin network.