WikiLeaks Receives $ 2.2 Million In Cryptocurrency Donations: Report

According to the latest posts in our Crypto News, WikiLeaks has received $ 2.2 million in cryptocurrency donations.

Julian Assange’s most famous organization in the world, WikiLeaks, has raised $ 2.2 million in cryptocurrency funding to continue to publish classified messages and anonymous media leaks.

It was founded in 2006 by Australian publisher, editor and activist Julian Paul Assange. Arrested in London in 2019, he is charged with conspiracy to hack into the Pentagon’s computer network in 2010. However, because they publish confidential information on a range of issues, many providers have blocked payments to the institution, including MasterCard, amEx, and Visa.

Because of this, they turned to cryptocurrency because censorship is not an option. According to the organization’s official webpage on the World Wide Web, the WikiLeaks cryptocurrencies currently available for donation are Bitcoin Income, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Zcash, Monero and Ethereum. The Bitcoin address has received a total of 30.45 BTC and is now worth $ 1.51 million, while the final balance is set at less than 9 BTC at the time of writing. The first bitcoin cash address received a total of 225.2 BCH, which is currently worth $ 101,800 and no coins have been moved. Litecoin addresses received a total of $ 163 in LTC, currently around $ 25,680, and the coins have not been moved yet.

Zcash addresses received a total of 84 ZECs in a transparent account, and none of them were used, worth about $ 13,800. The Ethereum address appears to be the second preferred donation location as it contains 145 ETH worth $ 587,883. Monero is untraceable, but the total is over $ 2.2 million. In 2017, founder Julian Assange claimed that WikiLeaks earned 50,000% of the return on BTC after investing in cryptocurrency in 2010. A tweet claiming it was posted in 2017 when the price of BTC was $ 5,000, but by the end of that year the figure was closer to a 200% ROI when BTC peaked at $ 20,000. Today the ROI will be higher as BTC is currently trading below $ 50,000. Elsewhere, Assange is reported to have suffered a stroke in Belmarsh prison, where he is being held.