The most heavily advertised upcoming crypto projects are expected to generate double profits

Many altcoins have lost double-digit losses over the past few weeks. This can be seen as an opportunity. Joe Paris, a crypto entrepreneur, has unveiled the most touted upcoming altcoin projects that are expected to generate an easy 10x profit by 2022.

Erta. The first potential project is Erta. Ertha is a highly regarded incubator and platform for blockchain game and craft startups. They provide their community with the opportunity to receive cryptocurrency tokens for future projects before they appear on exchanges.

ERTHA is an MMO inspired by the Heroes Of May Well And Magic video game genre, based on exploring and exploring the world, taking off, choosing experiences and increasing the power of your company and your country.

Players can own NFT land, and the Earth Metaverse generates a lifetime income. You will also have this meta-universe of money games where players can own land-based real estate companies, hire in-game experts, and maximize their global impact. Erta starts at

Ghost rats

Mouse Haunt is the second project Joe believes has a lot of potential. Mouse Haunt is a multiplayer money game with an economy powered by Binance Good Chain (BSC).

Haunted Mouse is a universe where players can use their hero as a villain and use castle architects to further their quest.

The gameplay of the game looks amazing, it is based on Unreal Engine 5 (UE5), and the graphics look amazing, which gives the game a professional look.

Another reason Joe chose this project is that Mouse Haunt will also have NFT heroes, and this is where you can collect the rarest characters with the best stats and skills.

Little Bit Hotel

The third project on Joe’s list is Bit Resort. Bit Hotel is an NFT online social game that uses Little Bit Lodge Coin as its in-game currency.

Players collect NFT items and characters and can display them in their rooms or in mini-games.

Each room acts as a chat room where you can chat, chat or trade with other players. Alternatively, players can fight one of the mini-games to earn tokens and withdraw them to their wallets.

You will also have NFTs in the game and only release a limited amount every month. Players can buy, sell and trade these various NFTs and many other items on their marketplace.

Have an impact

ImpactMarket is a Poverty Reduction Protocol that allows any community at risk to implement inclusive financial mechanisms such as the Unconditional Basic Income (UBI). One year later, the protocol distributed 1.5 million + cUSD as UBI to nearly 30,000 beneficiaries living in the most vulnerable communities in more than 25 developing countries.

Katana Inu

Katana Inu is a revolutionary end-to-end ecosystem for gamers and retailers powered by DeFi and NFT! The Katana Inu game itself is an NFT computer game for money, a Fight Royale game with an embedded modern NFT marketplace, each based on Ethereum Layer 2 solutions.