Professional boxer Tyson Fury becomes because of the promotion of Floki Inu. criticized

Pro boxer Tyson Fury and two-time world heavyweight champion was recently criticized for promoting floki inu, another meme coin that went viral overnight. Developers at Floki Inu hired a boxer to promote the coin meme on his profile with over 2 million followers as we read more in today’s crypto news. …

The developers of the eponymous killer DOGE hired professional boxer Tyson Fury to promote the comedy on his Twitter profile. In a short online promotional video, the champion can be seen wearing a hoodie with the FLOKI logo as he reads the script and encourages his followers to join in the excitement. Fury mentions that the meme is currently in a lot of collaboration, and ends the film with a mocking scream from Valhalla.

Valhalla is Floki Inu’s flagship add-on product that includes the NFT metaverse under development for real money gaming. Fury’s attempt to promote Floki Inu was unsuccessful with crypto fans, and despite Floki Vikings’ applause, the overwhelming majority of the responses were in favor of the boxer. The user indicated his sincere disinterest in the project, which is manifested in his struggle for the possession of the same name. Some were confused by his performance, as the user suggested that Fury fire his agent.

Danny Scott, CEO of British cryptocurrency exchange CoinCorner, also devastated Fury as fans were losing money. This is not the first time a celebrity has been criticized for promoting cryptocurrency to an online audience. In 2018, boxer Floyd Mayweather had problems with the US Securities and Exchange Commission due to fake ICo ads. He paid more than $ 300,000 in fines when he signed an agreement banning the advertisement of any securities for three years. In addition, Spanish regulators have warned football player Andres Iniesta that encouraging cryptocurrency investments following Binance’s praise is not a good idea.

In the past few months, the meme coin has made a splash with its aggressive marketing strategy. Floki Inu, an anonymous promoter group, posted an advertisement for London on the Transport UK website and used the city’s metro and bus stations to promote the coin. Three weeks later, the UK government banned ads and other cryptocurrency-related ad campaigns as they were unethical.