Opera and Solana work together to support Dapp wallets and browsers

Opera and Solana have teamed up to maintain compatibility with Dapps and provide users with a wallet option. So read more in today’s crypto news.

Opera and Solana have teamed up to become the king of the World Wide Web 3. In an official blog post on Friday, Opera announced its partnership with Solana and its native support for the popular blockchain as well as other decentralized apps in the ecosystem. The Opera team says the integration will be complete by the first quarter of 2022, when users can take full advantage of the blockchain in desktop and mobile browsers.

Opera’s interest in Solana is unsurprising as the browser takes a direct approach to supporting crypto and blockchain technology as well as World-Wide-Web 3 from 2018 at $ 7.24, down 4.6%.

However, at the start of the week, they rose slightly at $ 6.96. For its part, the Solana price trend did not overreact to the news and maintained a bearish price that began shortly after hitting an all-time high in November. SOL closed at $ 166 on the day after falling 7.86%. The price corrected to $ 169.21, which is about 35% below ATH and 14% below weekly rates.

Unlike Internet1, where users consume all the content provided by a website, Internet 2 allows users to interact through a centralized platform, whereas Internet 3 does not have a centralized block that controls interactions in which communication takes place using technologies such as blockchain. in which all data enters the network and there is no point of failure. Some examples of Internet 3-centric development are Storj, Filecoin, Hive, Sapien, UjoMusic, and Minds. Despite the controversy, Courageous was for a time the undisputed king of cryptobrowsers and also operated on its own blockchain, while the BAT token serves as the foundation for an entire ecosystem reinventing the ad business and promoting content. Users are also rewarded for viewing ads and giving the community the opportunity to reward high-quality content creators.

Opera took a more pragmatic approach and developed a cryptocurrency, but they didn’t want to create one either. However, the web browser adapted pretty quickly to Net 3, and in addition to Solana, Opera has its own crypto wallet, Dapps support, and many other features to help with blockchain adoption.