Employers say crypto companies are looking for industry leaders

Recruiting experts say crypto companies are desperate for the best leadership to scale their businesses.

The cryptocurrency industry has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. Now, talent experts say crypto companies desperately need good leadership to scale their businesses.

Previously considered an emerging market, cryptocurrency is now a fast-growing industry attracting many talent, David Richardson, partner at search firm Heidrick & Struggles, told Cointelegraph. “It’s all driven by the growth of these companies, and hiring executives can help them grow and keep pace with the growth of the company,” he said.

Cryptocurrency companies are looking for executives who have successfully expanded their businesses. Adrianna Hünergart, Relationship Manager for Heidrick & Struggles, adds. “We’ve seen a lot of demand for tech minds building teams of this size,” she continued.

Experts say the most in-demand skills for C-suites are technical, legal, financial, go-to-market and business development. In addition to experience, companies are looking for low-selfish executives who demonstrate adaptability, passion, and enthusiasm for the growth and mission of the space.

Because the regulatory framework tends to differ from country to country, the importance of regulatory and regulatory bodies matters, Hünergart said. “Many of the companies we work with are more regional than the more traditional centralized structure.”

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For the crypto ecosystem, telecommuting has become a major factor in attracting talent, Hünergart said, adding that many companies have left their headquarters. Long-term incentives and monetary incentives are also high enough to retain talent.

“[Crypto] Companies that had money and that were betting on very famous talent who only had a year or two of experience in cryptocurrency, with offers they couldn’t refuse. ”

Richardson notes that some companies are more tech-savvy than tech-savvy, and some are more important than technology in the entire financial technology ecosystem. Much of this culture was defined by the founding team and how they created it early on. He explained that while most crypto companies start with a core technology team, as they grow, they need specialists in GM, sales, finance, legal and compliance.

He added that as the company grows, there will be enough less technical skills. As technical hurdles fall, those more experienced in investing in alternatives may see cryptocurrencies as a great vehicle to learn.