BTC adds another rejection to its list as Ethereum vs. $ 4K

BTC once again rejected the list and failed to return the $ 50,000, while Ethereum withstood the $ 4,000 price range and fell almost below that level. So find out more about the latest cryptocurrency news today.

Bitcoin tried its luck again to make $ 50,000, but like other attempts, it failed. Altcoins are undecided about the move, and almost all of them are in the red as Ethereum tries to hold above $ 4,000. Yesterday the $ 50,000 level passed again and bitcoin was hit. It fell to $ 49,000 after a serious rally began, which resulted in a break near the desired level. In addition, BTC continues to rise, approaching $ 51,000 for the first time in days. The cryptocurrency could not hold above this level, but over the next few hours it fell $ 2,000 to its current position of $ 49,000.

After the crash on Saturday, when bitcoin fell from $ 58,000 to $ 42,000, the asset was unable to recover $ 50,000 despite several attempts.

The current price level means that the market capitalization has fallen again, but still exceeds $ 900 billion. The second largest cryptocurrency has also seen better days after experiencing a roller coaster ride from $ 4,650 to $ 3,500 last week in a matter of hours before bouncing and rallying quite well. The ETH bears turned around and pushed the asset south and it is now trading near $ 4,000 after another small daily decline.

Binance Coin also fell 3%, Solana fell 2.5%, Dogecoin fell 2%, CRO fell 1%, all in red versus big cap altcoins. In contrast, Ripple, Terra, Avalanche, Polkadot and SHIB saw less growth every day. Revain is the largest winner, climbing 40% to $ 0.013, while Oasis Network follows with a strong 20% ​​gain. On the other hand, Decred, Near Protocol and Quant with 10% lost the most in a day. The cryptocurrency market capitalization has reached $ 2.3 trillion, but now it is slightly more than $ 2.2 trillion.

Now Bitcoin has yet to add another waiver to its list, as it was recently unable to mine $ 50,000. As we saw over the weekend, bitcoin consolidation continues as the asset still can’t get past the $ 50,000 price point and the rest of the altcoins are volatile with the exception of Terra and Cardano. Cardano is up 6%, while LUNA is up the same percentage. The mainstream cryptocurrency has shown increased volatility in the past few days as it tries to break above $ 50,000 several times, but every time it tries to budge it faces a significant pullback due to bear volatility.