7 Metaverse tokens will go massive in 2022

2022 will be the year of the metaverse. Metaverse products are coming to market and really pushing forward. According to CryptoStache, here is a list of 7 coins that will be huge in 2022.

Godzilla (GODZ)

The first coin on the list is the GODZ Metaverse Tokens. GODZ is a BEP20 token that serves as the primary in-game currency in CryptoGodz Sport Alphaverse. It is a real value cryptocurrency that you can earn and spend at CryptoGodz dApp GameFi.

GODZ is its own token and is one of the most profitable games in the system. You are upgrading to Immutable X, which is a great scaling solution for Ethereum Layer 2. It is used for governance and you can own the coin while playing to earn it. People can get GODZ tokens from Coinbase or crypto.com.


The second coin that CryptoStache mentions is the NETVRK Metaverse tokens, which can be used to buy assets in the virtual reality world.

It is an Ethereum based token and they are creating a VRFocus metaverse where users can advertise and create gaming experiences on this platform. They also provide tools to create your own voxels and networks.

These virtual reality-based metauniverses will get really big and popular in 2022. We could see big companies like Facebook change their name to meta and kick-start the entire industry. Consequently, retailers in these VR supermarkets can expect extremely astounding price increases. You can get NETVRK at Uniswap or Kucoin.

Ceek VR (CEEK)

The third coin is a really serious competitor to CEEK. CEEK’s virtual reality environment is governed by smart contracts that give token holders flexible, tokenized interoperability “in the world”, rewards, voting, contests, virtual goods and many other transactions “in the world” with BEP20-compliant Enable tokens. …

The CEEK project is not only a BEP20 token, but also an ERC20, that is, also on Ethereum and on the Binance Good Chain (BSC). You focus on music and sports. They also have their own VR headsets and great partnerships that could take CEEK to the next level. They create connections between musicians and fans through their platform. Music is one of the easiest ways to get people to attend virtual concerts. Music plus blockchain plus virtual reality creates the potential experiences that enable CEEK to succeed in 2022. CEEK tokens can be obtained through PancakeSwap or Uniswap.

Atari (ATRI)

The next coin that is expected to be a big hit is Atari. Atari Token is a decentralized cryptocurrency that has been developed as a reference token for the interactive entertainment industry. They are working on innovative games in which players can place bets on other players. The best player wins a prize.

Atari is a blockchain-based dashboard in VCS (Version Control System). In addition, they work with WAX, The Sandbox and Atari, and they will have the opportunity to unlock their entire ecosystem. Hence, they can be used in many different aspects such as casinos and various games. Users can get ATRI tokens at Uniswap.

Extreme (UOS)

The next token on the list is the Extremely IO or UOS token. Ultra is a blockchain-based video game distribution ecosystem dedicated to providing a much more accessible video game environment for gamers and content creators. With Extremely, players have a platform that allows them to buy, play and resell video games and in-game items, while benefiting from a decentralized and efficient marketplace.

Blockchain games are a core part of their platform. By evaluating, sharing games or trading NFTs, users can earn UOS tokens. In addition, they can earn tokens by conducting beta tests or participating in ongoing competitions.

They don’t create their own metaverse, but rather tie some of these games together into the metaverse together and provide players with a platform to develop their game using the Extremely platform. They also have development tools that developers can use to improve their gaming products. This is the important part. UOS tokens can be obtained from Uniswap or Kucoin.

UFO game

The next coin that CryptoStache mentions is UFO Gaming. The original UFO gaming ecosystem called “Dark Metaverse” is a next generation blockchain gaming platform.

The UFO has long-term potential as it will be its own planet in the Dark Metaverse. It is a decentralized autonomous organization DAO.

Her first game is an indoor game called Super Galactic. Players can use UFO tokens and earn plasma points. Conversely, Plasma Points can be used to buy NFTs and other items on the platform. Users can get UFO tokens at Uniswap.

Invariant X (IMX)

The latest token is Immutable X. IMX is an ERC-20 utility token for the Immutable X protocol that was designed to drive the adoption of NFT and help creators, gamers, and developers rethink the cheapness of the digital ecosystem. Token holders can vote, vote and pay transaction fees using the IMX.

Immutable x is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum specially designed for matches. They also have a platform token called IMX, and the token holders use it to pay at least 20% of the fees for everything they buy in the market. Sellers do not need to pay large amounts for gas, as is the case with the Ethereum blockchain.

There are a lot of products coming into the IMX, so it’s going to be huge. In addition, the IMX token will be very useful as it will become the number one marketplace for all games and solutions for all of these major platforms. IMX can be bought on Coinbase and Kucoin.